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Through Acupuncture and our care in DACC


Success Stories

I have been suffering pain from the neck down

to my left arm for several years.  My family doctor

advised me to take a cortison injection but I refused. 

I have received chiropractic and massage therapy which

have been helpful for 4 years.  A couple of months ago,

my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Lee to get acupuncture

for my pain and symptoms.  Over the last 6-7 series of

treatment, Dr. Lee relieved me to drive easily and sleep

well.  No sharp pain exists any more.  I feel 99% better

but occasional sitffness in my neck.  Thank you.

Michael Lima of  Taft, CA.


I have been using a walker and cane due to pain

in the lower back, groins, hip joints, knees and heels.

Also, I could not sleep well.  I was diagnosed with Lumbar

spine stenosis at L4/5 & L5/S1 for a long period of time. 

Over the last 2 years I have been seeing Dr. Lee, my symptoms

related to the low back, groins, hip joints and leg pain have been

reduced to not using  a walker or even a cane.  Acupuncture has

changed my life, more happier and more energetic than before. 

Now I could sleep well, cross my legs easily and bend to move. 

Claudine Garcia-Bucks of Bakersfield, CA.


I have been seeing Dr. Lee for 3-4 weeks related to my

chronic lower back pain and shoulder pain which have been

35 years long.  They have been tapering off with acupuncture

treatments 2 times a week.  In the mean time, he has been

helping me to lose weight more the 11 pounds over 3 weeks. 

I feel more energy and have will power to control my diet easily. 

Also I have been thirsty to drink more water.  Thank you.

Linda Kemp of Bakersfield, CA.


My name is Liz Robinson, I was in a motor vehicle accident and

I injured my neck and lower back.  As a result of the accident,

I have been in pain that has gradually been getting worse.  I have

been taking medication, but the resuts were very poor.  I have

my "Okay" days and I have my really bad days- where I don't even

want to get out of bed due to the pain.  I decided to try acupuncture

and I made an appointment with Dr. Lee.  When I went into his

office, he explained the procedure and how acupuncture works. 

He asked me to lay on my stomach and he proceeded to insert

little needles into my back, neck and legs.  I felt relaxed and felt

like there was some sort of release.  When the procedure was done,

I got up to leave the room and as soon as I started to walk, I felt

that there was a definite change in the pain and tension in my back

area - a certain release.  I felt a lot stronger and even had some "new"

energy.  I was amazed at the results of acupuncture.  I look forward

to my treatments - it has made a big difference in my life. 

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